Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tips : How to Dress Good In Interview

Dress is "good" in the interview can not be generalized because each company orcultural habits hasdifferent company. However, there are a few tips that can be remembered, among others:

Find information about the company beforehand and Mr / Ms who will interview you.Some companies have rules or "habit" to dress formally, but there is also asemi-formal, or even free. This is important, so you will not be seen as "a freak",adapted to the position which will be spoken. For male applicants are advised to uselong-sleeved shirt and tie, no need to use the suit. Dressed in a neat and clean, notwrinkled. This gives the impression that you appreciate this interview.

Dressed with a color that is not too flashy (eg glossy, ngejreng).
For female applicants who are not too tight dress (skirt, top shirt button.)
Dressed with a simple design (not too many trinkets, yet this is not the party).
Not excessive in the use of fragrances and jewelry.

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