Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tips on choosing insurance education

Preparing for the future of your children's education by making education funding planthrough an insurance education. Why fund children's education becomes veryimportant to us? this is due to: 
  • The high cost of education today.
  • Rising education costs from year to year.
  • Economic uncertainty in the future.
  • Physical uncertainty in the future parents.
Here are some tips on choosing insurance education:
  • make sure that the insurance company will still exist as long as your child still needsthe cost of education.
  • looking for an insurance company that can provide adequate insurance Illustrationdetailed and transparent, so as to provide confidence and clear information to youhow your funds are managed, including all costs and benefits to be received by your.
Protect your investment from risks that threaten, such as:
  1. anticipate the risk of death
    done by taking life insurance has a number of UP such that if there is a risk of deathon you then your partner (the beneficiary) will get UP from the insurance company.
  2. Anticipate unable to work
    can be done by taking 2 insurance as well, namely:
    * accident insurance, which will provide compensation in the event of permanent disability,
    * critical illness insurance, which provides compensation if you are diagnosed withcritical illness

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