Monday, January 10, 2011

Tips: How to keep the body/life us healthy

In everyday life we should always give priority to our health because health is good.Once the importance of health so that there are people who are willing to pay billions ofdollars for her health when she was sick.
There is a saying that: one would not appreciate their own health when he was stillhealthy.
Here's how to keep life / our bodies stay healthy. Activity or the activity into theapplication of healthy lifestyles, namely:

  • Eat Healthy Food And Under Rule.
    Good food is not necessarily healthy, if do not carelessly spending, not easily temptedby ads, Eat nutritious foods and beverages that are tailored to the condition of the body.
  • Exercise And Health Into Your doctor checked Periodic.
    Exercise teraturserta consult a doctor.
  • Avoid Stress
    Find the best way to relieve stress with your own way, point in your life are brought to chill out with all the problems that exist. enough sleep.
  • Maintain cleanliness of themselves and the environment.
    neatness and cleanliness of body, Maintain cleanliness of the environment do notwaste littering.
  • Do not have sex outside marriage free
    The impact effect of free sex having sex before marriage:
    a. exposed to infectious diseases such as AIDS
    b. big sin to God, etc
little extra
Here are tips to avoid contracting the disease:
  • Get plenty of rest
    Lack of sleep often associated with various physical and mental health problems, including reduced immune system tubuh.Karena it if you have health complaints thatare not clear why, try to improve sleep patterns.
  • Inadequate fluid needs
    Not only when sick, consume plenty of water also needs to be done now to prevent illhealth.
  • Eat vegetables and fruits that are colorful
    Without the need to realize, every time the body is always giving resistance againstinfection various viruses and germs.
  • Sport
    Not just making the body feel good shape but also healthy. anything as long as lightexercise done regularly can improve the immune system.
  • Keep your hand hygiene
    hand washing is very important because it effectively reduces the risk of disease transmission.
  • Clean the surface of the furniture
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