Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tips on buying and choosing your dream house

Houses are the primary needs that must be possessed of all families own a home is the dream of every person, especially for those who have a family. However, manywho do not know how to choose and buy a house in accordance with needs. In order not to regret in the future, there are many things to be prepared and will be considered when buying a home.
For people who want to have homes, are often confused to make a choice. Moreover,many developers offer a wide variety of beauty and ease of manner has a dwelling house. With a low down payment, down payment can be paid in installments to buy a house is sold.
For prospective customers need to pay attention:

  • Location
    Location of home sales have to be really strategic. Houses for sale are easy toaccess city main street.
  • Price
    Prices must be considered. Because the must see family economic capacity. It's good to see the houses we live it and its original form as well. Ideally the money torepay only 30 percent of family income.
  • KPR
    Must choose the mortgage that the longest duration. Because for the installment as low as possible. So, do not disturb the family economy. And now we're easy tochoose the bank where desired. Unless the developer is already working with a particular bank, we had no choice.
To this should indeed we should look at several aspects before deciding to staywhere?. Based on the fact that the ultimate facts that determine the value of the houseis the location.
For your consideration to decide the exact location when you select the home isconsidering the following factors:

  • Value Investing, Location is determining the value of your home investment is therefore not wrong if you think more detail how the prospects for future home andenvironment at the location of your home.
  • Security, pay attention to security conditions in this case a safe location we will createpeace in the activity and rest at home.
  • Home environment should be a concern the choice of location, whether it supports theenvironment with our activities, our children socially as well as convenience factorssuch as away from noise, no flood, its clean air, etc.. Remember that environmentalfactors will also determine the direction we want to achieve.
  • Access travel from our main activities is easy and simple, keep as close as possible to the activity itself so it can save a lot of good energy, nateri and time and risk factors.

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