Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tips on buying second-hand laptop

Buying a used laptop can be attractive options. For example, you want to save moneyor just buy the laptops for children to be computer literate. Whatever the reason, here are some tips to buy quality used laptop such as:

  • Note carefully Physical Laptops
    The condition of the chassis to indicate whether the laptop used laptop well cared for.Look carefully at the whole chassis laptop so you will not regret in the future because itdid not carefully observe the damage.
    Laptop Screen
    LCD laptop screen is one of the most expensive component. Therefore, make sure the laptop screen is still able to work well.
    Keyboard and Touchpad
    Make sure the laptop keyboard and touchpad still works well. This is due to replace thekeyboard and touchpad, other costs are also not as easy as in desktop.
  • Note carefully Component Laptops

    For now, we recommend you buy a used laptop berprossesor minimum of Pentium III.This processor is capable of running modern operating systems like Windows XPreasonably well.
    RAM memory is usually priced at this time. Carefully check the capacity of RAM andcan be upgraded easily if one day you want it. It is recommended that the laptop has acapacity of at least 512 Mb RAM.
    Hard Drive Capacity
    Old laptop hard drive may only have a maximum capacity of 40 GB, and some haveonly 10 GB. Determine the capacity that meets your needs in storing data.
    Used laptop batteries are usually weak. Consider whether you need a new battery. Iffor example a laptop is only used at home, you may not need new batteries and canrely on electric power.
  • Ask Yourself
    Ask yourself whether it has been steadily buying used laptop. Are these old laptop can roughly survive long enough or whether you should not wait for time to buy a new one?Remember, the new laptop prices continued to drop as the development of technology.But if you have steady buying used laptop with a variety of profit and loss account, just do it.

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