Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Job Cover Letter Writing Tips

Confused how to write a cover letter is correct and professional?
Many companies are looking at your resume or cover letter as an important part of allyour application documents. It is therefore necessary for you to write a good cover letter.

The following are some tips to write a job application letter :
hopefully to help you.

  • Individual Impression
    If you plan to send applications to various companies make sure you write down thecorrect company name in your cover letterIn addition you should also create a cover letter addressed to someone. Use a specific name and position if possible.
  • Short and Solid
    Do not write more than one page long and rambling. Write your letter brief and concise. Use simple language and use words commonly used. No need trying toimpress your readers by using words that are difficult.
  • Neat and Clean
    If possible use a computer program to write your cover letter. That way you can write a cover letter is neat and clean, so easy to read. Do not write a cover letter with handwritten
  • Content
    In your cover letter, there are some things that need to be written:
    Opening: Please indicate where you get information about these jobs.
    Your job now: Tell us briefly your position and field of work today. You also need to tellyou briefly the main achievements in this work. In order to give a better picture, givequantitative information.
    Education: If the background needs to be informed, briefly write down your highesteducation. If you ever get an education in a well-known schools, you should write it onyour resume.
    Closing: In closing remind readers that you have a strong desire to get the job and do not forget to say "Thank you".
  • Read proof
    Proof read means to read back all of your writing and make sure everything is correct.Make sure there are no spelling errors, no words are repeated or repetitive, and grammar (grammar) used accordingly. In MS Word you can use the spell and grammarchecker. Use it! According to a website, "A spelling error in it can cause you to lose an important opportunity to obtain employment. "

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